What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used to determine the Ranking Score of my post?

October 06, 2020
Mike Smith

When developing the Hot Prospects® Platform, it’s very important that the main driving factor is to create the opportunity for users to connect and engage with others on the site. Whether that be through a consumer review, or generated lead for the creator. The majority of the ranking score’s weight is focused around KPI’s that measure this user engagement. The overall goal is to focus on creating opportunities for engaged users on the site. The more engaged our measurement reflect, the higher the ranking score for that post and for that creator. Below is our current list of KPI’s used to determine the Ranking Score on any of the posts.


Form and Review Submissions:

The main type of engagement on the Hot Prospects® Platform is when a consumer fills out a form or creates a review on a specific post. When a consumer fills out the lead form on the post, the data collected is used to generate a lead within the CRM. When a review is submitted, that data is stored with the specific post and reviewed before displaying live on the site. Both of these types of user engagement on the site allow the creator and the consumer to connect and potentially communicate further.

Page Views and Visitor Sessions:

Page views and sessions are an essential part of measuring user engagement. However, the specific weight of these numbers within the main algorithm only play a minor role in determining the ranking score. The platform will track user engagement on the site by collecting visitor data, but after processing the engagement, the visitor data used for tracking is then eliminated. This helps keep the platform running smoothly and allows for accurate tracking on user engagement for creators.

Points per Post:

Each time a creator posts a Product, a Service, an Event, or an Article, points are rewarded. When the creator fully engages with the platform and uses all the various tools available, additional points are rewarded to those creators. This is to help promote the best opportunity for user engagement and help increase the visibility of the creator’s posts across the whole platform.

Number of Days as a Creator:

The longer the creator is on the system, the higher the value on the platform. If you are on the system for a long time but are not active or cease to be actively engaged, then points awarded will be less than someone who is more engaged. Again, the point is to promote communication and connect businesses and people with the right information that is trending and dominating the sector and industries.

Review Types:

When a consumer fills out the review on a postings detail page, that review (if approved) will remain with that post and will directly affect the ranking score moving forward. For positive reviews, obviously there are more points rewarded. Should legitimate negative reviews come in as part of one consumer’s review, the ranking score will be negatively affected as well.

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