Pipeline Management

Your sales pipeline is the key to evaluating, managing, and ultimately improving your sales process.

Predictive Analysis

Put the CRM to work & anticipate conversion opportunities.

Fully Responsive

That means our application can be accessed on any type of device displayed at any size.

User Level Security

Users can have admin, support, or sales team access limiting what screens they have access to.

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboards are an important part of the administrator's ability to get a high level view of the business's success.

Convert Leads To Clients

When a lead comes into the system, allow your sales staff to convert them to a client when sold a product or a service.

Shopping Cart

Use the Internal shopping cart or have us custom build one on the front end of your website.

Product & Order Management

Manage your list of products or services for sale and then manage those orders on-line. The system can handle a wide variety of product types.

Merge Tools

Use Tools to identify duplicates and establish a master record using your rules.

Automated Lead Distribution

Choose from our five different automated lead distribution techniques to help close more deals.

Bootstrap Based

The application is based on the most recent version of Bootstrap and jQuery which are industry standards for web-based applications.

Customized Sales Process

Customize the sales process into steps and actions where you create and customize each step in how you conduct your business.

Easy To Use

The application is very simple to use and only requires minimal customizations to get started.

Mapped Events

Use our mapping tools to display where an event is occurring and be notified by email before the event occurs.

Articles & Content

Use our content tools to create blog or articles entries that can be posted on the front end of your website.

REST APIs For Developers

Our Rest APIs are robust and allow developers the ability to build their web applications in any language.

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