Does your CRM Import and Export your data in a way that is helpful and efficient?

October 26, 2020
Dan Williamson

CRM systems are often robust and complex in their functionality and getting data in or out of these systems can be very challenging. When we look at the top players in the CRM industry for small to medium size businesses, we see a wide array of functionality that allows clients to import and export data utilizing web-based admin tools. But is the format of the data coming out of the system really what the client needs, or does the client have to jump through hoops and massage the data to get it in a useful format?

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CRM: Internal messaging versus integrated email solutions

October 17, 2020
Bill Southerland

Immediately what comes to mind is integrating smtp and pop servers with customized email solutions so everyone can login to one place for everything. Well the truth, is that some things are left better alone.

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My sales process works, now let's apply some pressure.

October 16, 2020
Dan Williamson

The CRM software industry is overrun with variety of what constitutes a ‘viable’ solution. It would seem the winning strategy is concentrating more on helping businesses streamline their sales process to make money more efficiently, than it is focusing on adding more widgets and API connections to the UI.

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Assigning Leads and Lead Distribution Management on Hot Prospects

October 15, 2020
CRM Research Team

Keeping sales staff happy can be a difficult job, especially when some are performing better than others. Features within the Hot Prospect Platform will allow for five different types of lead distribution. Depending on how you are using the various post types on the Hot Prospects Platform, generating leads on your pages is commonly the main goal for creators. When a lead is generated on the site, the data will be stored on the platform and is automatically assigned to a selected employee depending on the setup.

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