Website & Application Development

Customized web applications are estimated in hours based on the business owner's requirements. Our Clients have the opportunity to be as involved in the process as much as desired. We offer full transparency and awareness over the entire process, from customized web development and User Interface design, to marketing campaigns and landing page A/B split testing.

Analytics Consultation

We stay updated with all the new features in the Analytics world to help you leverage as much as possible in a constantly changing industry. We help track as much as possible by setting up your goals, tagging your pages with conversion or transactional scripts, custom build referring URL's to reflect a specific campaign, and even generate automated reports specific to your online success. We help link Google AdWords accounts with Analytics accounts to send your PPC data to Analytics. And once that data has been collected, we help educate you on what items are successful and where improvement is needed. Not everything is successful online and without an honest group working on your behalf, it's very difficult to know where your business really stands. That's where we make a difference.

Search Engine Optimization

We start with a plan of optimizing your website design, content presentation, and then determine which set of keywords are best for your business/industry. Next, we tie in the use of Social Media accounts and blog entries when available to help increase the reach. We make sure that all updates to the web pages will not be frowned upon by the major search engines. Ensure that all links throughout the site are accessible to everyone using SEO best practices and ADA compliance. We concentrate on a link back strategy to help drive traffic from other related sources. We check all available and up to date browser compatibility and use a variety of tools to help determine the increase or decrease in position in the search engines result pages. We create the opportunity for lead generation and product sales.

Landing Page Development

Let us help you convert your traffic using proven methods and calls to action that are tested and proven. A/B Split test multiple pages to help determine if your landing page features are working or failing. We'll help prove which page is performing better and then drive the traffic to the winner. We use all the best practice models available and make sure that every update is double and triple checked. We tag your pages with Analytics and Conversions tracking along ensuring that the lead or sale is collected and calculated properly.

Pay Per Click Management

The success of PPC strongly depends on the use of customized landing pages and Analytics packages that measure the success. Make sure you have these in place before running ads using PPC. We help with ad creation, destination URL building, determining the target audience, and how to effectively reach them. Keyword Analysis is a main focus of ours and we make sure that the landing pages have the proper relevancy to gain more call to action. We run ads in Adwords, Facebook, BING, and other PPC based platforms. We report month to month and come up with positive and creative solutions to fit your business and budget.

Marketing Dashboards

Hot Prospects provides you or your agency the ability to track and report on campaigns. Whether your pulling data from Google AdWords, Google Analytics, or just using a CSV file, our customized dashboards will allow you to import historical data and then generate PDF reports from the collected data.

    • Import PPC, SEO, Call Logs, Email Campaigns data, relational databases and custom CSV files.
    • Deliver accurate reporting from multiple data sources.
    • Roll up multiple campaigns for top level reporting.
    • Customized Tools to help monitor daily imports.
    • Create custom Metrics to populate from incoming Data.
    • Build charts for various Marketing Channels to organize your campaigns.
    • Build customized dashboards to use for campaign comparision.
    • Import data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis using API calls or pull CSV files from an email account.
    • Identify and act on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    Commerce Solutions

    Hot Prospects will build a customized shopping cart solution for your company in order to be successful in your online ventures. Manage a wide variety of products, have multiple vendors under a single account and manage their orders individually.

    • Supports multiple vendors with separete account to the back end tool interface.
    • Customers can login to view recent orders and make changes to their customer profile.
    • Login to the site as a customer an submit product reviews.
    • Manage Categories and Subcategories that products are assigned to.
    • Uses Address verification and calculates shipping cost using the USPS API.
    • Responsive designs built on Bootstrap in order to support all devices.
    • Manage individual product shipping schedules and tracking numbers.
    • Send vendor notification emails about specific products that have been purchased.
    • Extremely flexible product building tools that supports multiple attributes.

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