Now that I’ve built a customized form and assigned it to my landing page, what should I do next?

October 12, 2020
Mike Smith

The Hot Prospects® platform supports a wide variety of customizations created specifically to help identify and build a sales process for any type of business. First, use the most common “sales steps” that your company’s representatives would perform when they sell, and then build out those sales steps.

Once a few steps have been created, assign sales actions to each of those steps until you have wide set of options that make sense to your sales team. It’s best to keep things simple in the beginning and then add on as new steps or actions are identified in the process.

When the sales process is ready, view the details page of any lead. This is where the sales representative will use the sales tools available to manage the next actions to take with this potential sale. Each time the representative engages with an incoming lead, it’s important to log the history and schedule any future events or reminders.

Each time a sales step is selected by the representative, a list of corresponding actions will appear to choose from. When selecting the action that the sales representative wishes to perform, an Event will be created in the system with optional reminders.

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