Your CRM might generate forms, but is it flexible enough for landing pages?

February 17, 2021
CRM Research Team

Most CRM applications have a customized form that can be built and placed on your website in order to collect leads, but most CRM’s do not have the ability to generate a whole landing page with the lead generating form built into the page. Inside the Hot Prospects CRM platform, Articles and Products both can have customized landing pages generated using HTML and assets supplied by a UI designer. This allows for an individual or a marketing team to have full flexibility when generating multiple landing pages on the fly.

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The Sales Force Automation First Approach

February 05, 2021
CRM Research Team

When evaluating CRM software, many platforms fall short when considering the sales process and any automation that can create a more cohesive sales team. CRM platforms can consist of many different tools and helpful work arounds for everyday lead management, but many customers are looking to increase the success of their sales team. Companies are looking to other places than CRM to help automate their sales process.

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